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Latest News on Uganda: Wedding of the Year

One presenter went Live on NTV Uganda and decided to make an unusual wedding of truth and his friend Friday where all visitors will be required to pay for the wedding so they could attend. The reason to make such decisions is after writer Jemimah Pearl country decides to join to earn a fee of going to study at the University of Oxford. This is second time this month a wedding has come into our headline. We reported three weeks ago about this wedding in Vegas where all guests were taken in the casino to have whole night fun and those who couldn’t come to the casino, were given free no deposit bonuses from this site to gamble online. We were Live on NTV Uganda from the wedding. Pearl 32-year-old, he hit the headlines in recent days he decided to join himself as dressed shera. You may wonder why Pearl …

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Top News in Uganda Today : Youth Fund Funders target established businesses

NTV Uganda found out disbursing money dedicated to youth by government without strict vetting parameters will render the interventions ineffective. Experts warn that the funds should be given to spur already established businesses other than giving it to start ups as a measure to reduce cases of bad debts. But there are many good cases as well. These funds also helped many independent businesses to grow up. One example is a website that helps people to find the latest promotions from online casinos. People love that site cause these bonuses can give them up to $2000 extra free money when they make a deposit.

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High Court dismisses KACITA case against UNBS

Uganda News Online Today: The High Court in Kampala has dismissed an application filed by the Spokesperson of Kampala city traders association Issa Ssekitto challenging the composition of the standards council within the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

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