Latest News on Uganda: Wedding of the Year

One presenter went Live on NTV Uganda and decided to make an unusual wedding of truth and his friend Friday where all visitors will be required to pay for the wedding so they could attend.

The reason to make such decisions is after writer Jemimah Pearl country decides to join to earn a fee of going to study at the University of Oxford. This is second time this month a wedding has come into our headline. We reported three weeks ago about this wedding in Vegas where all guests were taken in the casino to have whole night fun and those who couldn’t come to the casino, were given free no deposit bonuses from this site to gamble online. We were Live on NTV Uganda from the wedding.

Pearl 32-year-old, he hit the headlines in recent days he decided to join himself as dressed shera.

You may wonder why Pearl did this?

Pearl for  NTV News Live said that he thinks more will go to educational development than to relax at home and began married life.

“At the age of 21 or 22, people began to ask me when I will enter into married life when I see I have many things to do, like go to read and get a higher education,” he told the BBC.

He also added that … “When I was 16; my father wrote a speech for reading on my wedding. I was always celebrated my birthday my mother was praying for me, and in recent years his prayers were with an ideal husband, who find me, “says Ms. Jemimah.

Pearl also claims that the emphasis she married was from outside the family, many people told him how can he expect to go outside of Uganda while not husband, why asiolewe is the first to leave.

He says he wanted to show how marital status is, at the same time he planned to increase the amount of money in what was left of him to read his degree when he was in need of $12,000 to be able to continue studies for was lack of funding or funded.

Notification of marriage that was declared on the radio that was and Siima K Sabiti where he was with his friend Bernard Ludigo said it had married to be able to help as well.

“When you tell your parents about marriage? That is a question that always is posed, “Bi. Sabiti told the BBC.

They were planning to hold a wedding, with a ticket of entry was given for Pearl to give people who change to raise money will invite to read out of Uganda in his studies of creativity in writing at the University of Oxford.