Frequently Asked Questions | NTV Ideas Lab

1. What is the NTV Ideas lab?

The NTV Ideas lab is focused on producing the next generation of mobile and web solutions that solve real problems in journalism and news media. The challenge is modeled on the African News Innovation Challenge and seeks to further support ideas on new media in Journalism.

2. What is Outbox?

Outbox is an incubation, co-creation and innovation space that provides support to techies and further support to people to turn their ideas on mobile and web into sustainable businesses.

Outbox is the organization supporting our media partners Africa Broadcasting (U) Ltd  in the realization of these innovations within the newsroom.

3. What is Africa Broadcasting?

Africa Broadcasting (U) Ltd is the Trading name for NTV Uganda; a subsidiary of the Nation Media Group, East & Central Africa’s largest media group.
NTV Uganda aims to deliver an exciting & enrich TV experience and positively impact & transform society through Information, Knowledge & Entertainment.

4. Do I have to be Ugandan to be eligible?

No, you do not have to be Ugandan, however; you have to be willing to primarily deploy your application in Uganda in the NTV newsroom.

5. Who can enter?

Anyone can enter into the challenge as long as you have an idea.

The competition is open to for-profits, non-profits and individuals. We are very interested in having teams that have a mix of software developers and data crunchers.

6. What kind of ideas are we looking for?

We are looking for unique ideas that utilize new media to provide new ways to create, discuss and share stories. Of utmost importance is that the ideas should provide news ways of gathering news, audience engagement, while providing new production and revenue models. The ideas should solve challenges and utilize opportunities that exist in a Broadcast environment.

7. What is the process for participation?

To participate in the challenge, you will be required to apply on the NTV Ideas lab website by answering questions on the form.

8. What is the deadline for entry?

The deadline for registration to participate is 12th September 2013.

9. Who decides who wins?

We have put together a 4-Judge panel to determine the winner of this initiative

10. Do I have to build a solution from scratch?

No, you do not have to build a solution from scratch, you can customize any open source code you believe can fit within your solution needs. Some examples of source code you can customize is at

11. What is the composition of an ideal team?

We are looking at working with teams of up-to 4 members. It is not a must for a team to be comprised of software developers alone. Think about the project you are doing and identify the skill set you need. However, we insist that a team be composed of one software developer, one media proffessional, and one UX/UI designer. The 4th team member can come from any of the above fields.

12. How do i register my team?

To register your team, in the application form on the website, there is a provision for you to input the names of your team members. Your team members do not have to register too once you register on their behalf.

13. Do I have to make my Source code public?

We would require participants in this initiative to license their code under the Creative Commons license. Read more about it here

14. What are the IP terms of the Challenge?

If you win, you own the Intellectual Property.  You will be obliged to acknowledge  clearly and prominently the support you will have received from us, as appropriate in any public communications, products, processes, services or other impacts arising from your participation